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THE GROTTO | The Official MERMAIDGANG Magazine

Welcome Home, Merbabes.

We are MERMAIDGANG, the eco-friendly movement focused on ocean preservation and protecting marine life. What begun as a ripple is becoming a roaring wave of support and we are growing rapidly by the day.

We started THE GROTTO to showcase the best from the mermaid community great and small. We love to see the world come together for the greater good of humanity. Mermaiding is more than just a hobby, it is a beautiful way of life that most don’t know about.

Mermaids are the connection between the land and sea that keeps the balance. Our ocean is a magical place that has inspired many of us to take a stand for it. As humans, it’s up to us to clean our waters and preserve marine life until we pass the trident to the next generation of merbabes.

Want to be apart of the biggest wave?

We currently are accepting submissions to our publication from Artists, Ocean Activists, and Underwater Performers leading the way and making waves in their own communities.

Interested Merbabes should send us an email with their pitch to

We are bubbling with anticipation and cannot wait to hear and share your unique stories with the world. Stay Wavy.


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