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Mermaid Gang Logo

The Mermaid Gang Mission

Our mission is to help save our seas with each and every release. MERMAIDGANG gives back by donating to non-profit ocean conservation organizations dedicated to research, protection, advocacy and scientifically based solutions.

We all work together in the hopes of creating a better world by raising awareness and promoting healthy ocean practices in an effort to secure a cleaner future for the all that depend on it.

Mermaid Gang Logo
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The Official Apparel Line by Siren Tha Goddess

Designed to unleash your inner mermaid and empower you to make waves in your own community. Raise awareness and connect with Mermaid Gang. Make a major statement in bold prints and colors inspired by our oceans.

Our products were created with comfort and versatility in mind.Perfect for cleaning the beach, working out or simply just lounging. A portion of our net proceeds go to an array of  organizations and education centers dedicated to preserving the seas and protecting marine life.


Mermaid Gang Logo


     MERMAIDGANG is proud to donate 50% of our net proceeds from our shop to causes dedicated to solving major problems concerning ocean trash, beach pollution, and marine life, as well as expanding our own efforts.

Plastic Polluted Ocean
Mermaid Gang Logo

We are proud to be green.

Pollution is a major issue. We're always looking for ways to innovate and reduce waste. Our carbon footprint is important to us and that is why we are striving to incorporate recycled materials in every part of our process.

We don't vibe with plastics, so we do our best to use them as little as possible and encourage our merbabes to recycle any plastic in their parcels.

Our products are designed by our own in-house team and each piece is made with love. Beautifully original, ethically sourced and refreshing. Our ultimate goal is being a 100% Eco-Friendly brand that saves the ocean and raises awareness for generations to come.

Causes x Charities That We Love 

We stand by the efforts of those who inspire us and are always looking to amplify new voices in the community. If you have an organization, educational program, or nonprofit dedicated to the causes we support, we would love to hear from you about the great work you are doing to bring balance to major issues and save the ocean.


 Feel free to reach out with any inquiries about partnership and collaboration.

Image by Rachel Hisko #MERMAIDGANG


Saving Our Seas

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