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What is Mermaid Gang?

 MERMAIDGANG is more than just a hashtag, it is the Official Eco-Friendly Movement founded by Siren Tha Goddess and is gaining rapid support by the day.  


Dedicated to collective effort, Mermaid Gang hopes to inspire the world to get involved in protecting our oceans & marine life. We plan to do this by raising awareness of major issues by uniting lovers of the ocean looking to solve big problems, donating to related causes and organizing for the greater good.

We are the activists, the advocates, the passionate and the inspired.


Mermaid Gang is our community. Founded on the belief that we must protect the planet and uplift humanity, our goal is to raise awareness of our oceans and the significance of the life it holds.


We swim in solidarity, hoping that in our efforts and contributions make a difference in the world. We love the ocean and want to preserve its magic for generations to come. We are the new wave. The modern day, walking mermaids who turn the tides in our own communities every single day.



See some of the issues affecting our ocean by the numbers and learn more about our founder.  


Visit the website below.

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